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From Joerg Henne <>
Subject [Fwd: [C2 patch] Incorrect serialization to XML]
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2001 14:43:22 GMT
[This is a re-post of a pending patch.]

Joerg Henne wrote:
> Hi,
> the way I read the SAX specification, the qName (or raw name) of elements that
> is passed to the callback methods is of purely informal character and does not
> necessarily contain the full (raw) element name. However, C2's serialization
> to XML results in the qName being used to name the output elements. This is
> due to the missing or incomplete namespace support in the SerializerToXML from
> Xalan which is used.
> AbstractTextSerializer already contains code to work around Xalan problems, so
> it could fix this problem as well, although fixing it comes at the cost of 2
> hashtable lookups and string concatenations per element. If you agree that
> this should be done, the following patch will do the job.
> Joerg Henne
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