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From Enke Michael <>
Subject I18nTransformer patch
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2001 13:04:21 GMT
Hi folks,
here is a patch for I18nTransformer:
1) new tag int-currency introduced:
   In merchandise calculations often
   the calculations are done not with double
   ($1,23+$4,56) but with integers:
   (cent 123+cent 456)
   Soo give the value 579 will result
   in 5.79 for US locale but 579 for spanish locale
   because there is no sub currency in Spain.
2) the <i18n:number> tag did not preserve
   trailing and leading zeros and did only show
   three decimal places.
   Soo <i18n:number>0.12345</i18n:number>
   was transformed to 0.123
   and <i18n:number>0.10000</i18n:number>
   was transformed to 0.1
   This is now fixed.
Could a commiter commit please?


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