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From Mario Muja <>
Subject Re: DatabaseXActions
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2001 14:23:41 GMT
Hi Chris,
when I have a form validation descriptor to validate parameters, which 
are later stored in database columns, then I do not like to put the same 
rules into the form validation descriptor and also in the database 

I like to have all validation rules in one descriptor. I think, the 
right place for this is the form validation descriptor because then you 
can validate parameters, which are not stored in a database. It think, 
this is the reason, why no validation attributes like nullable and 
default have been included in the database descriptor file.

So, why do you not simply use the form validation descriptor for the 
Nullable and Default validations? This is, what it has been created for, 
or not?

Regards, Mario

Chris Newland wrote:

>Hi Mario,
>I can't see how this conflicts. I would imagine that people would be using
>different descriptor files for form validation and database manipulation
>wouldn't they?
>A form validation descriptor is about parameter constraint validation, the
>database action descriptor is about manipulating database columns. These
>seem like separate concerns to me?
>imho: I would not expect a developer to use the same descriptor file for
>form validation actions and database actions in their sitemap.
>Perhaps I've made too big an assumption?
>I'm trying to add a little more power to the database action descriptor to
>support the notion of nullable columns and default values for missing
>parameters / attributes (e.g. The IE browser omits parameters for checkboxes
>that aren't ticked but I want an 'N' in my database)
>Could some other people comment on this issue so I can get an idea about
>whether my fixes are "a good thing" ?
>Best Regards,
>ps. Sorry for the duplicate posts earlier, having a major ISP headache today
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Mario Muja []
>Sent: 06 September 2001 14:24
>Cc: Cocoon Dev
>Subject: Re: DatabaseXActions
>Hi Chris,
>sorry for interrupting your discussion with Andrew. You wrote:
>"nullable" attribute in the AbstractDatabaseAction descriptor
>"default" attribute in the AbstractDatabaseAction descriptor
>Does this not conflict with the Form Validation descriptor, which also
>includes nullable and default attributes?
>Regards, Mario
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