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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: [C2]: Changes between C2.0 and C2.1
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2001 16:07:56 GMT
+100 for LogKitManager. This is a major LogKit enhancement that is 
really useful in production environments. Thanks for it, Giacomo.

+1 also for porting the Source interface changes, since they impact the 
core classes. IMO, it's better to have the same core in 2.0 and 2.1 
while 2.0 isn't final.

Giacomo Pati wrote:
> Quoting Carsten Ziegeler <>:
>>>Giacomo Pati wrote:
>>>Quoting Carsten Ziegeler <>:
>>>>I am really impressed by the changes which took effect over the
>>>>last weeks. Great work!
>>>>But I am now wondering if we do the right thing. The C2.1 version
>>>>is now incompatible to 2.0. So I fear, that people will never use
>>>>the (final) 2.0 version and jump-start using 2.1 as they otherwise
>>>>might have to change their source code first from C1 to C2.0 and
>>>>afterwards to C2.1. And even if you start from scratch right now,
>>>>you have to ask yourself if you want to give 2.1 first a try and
>>>>only if things go wrong backup to 2.0.
>>>Do you mean the LogKit Management? Well, it can be configured to 
>>>look like 2.0 
>>>logging behaviour, no problem. But then you will not see the 
>>>benefits of it.
>>>I wasn't able to follow closely the last few weeks and I don't 
>>>know what changes 
>>>you are mentioning.
>>So did I....yes, the LogKit Management is one of it, I personally would
>>like it in 2.0 as well. 
> Well, we need a vote on this and I'll happily port it over then.
> Giacomo
>>The other thing which comes to my mind is
>>the Source interface changes, but there might be others as well.
>>>>I know that it was me who said we should finish 2.0 and make
>>>>those changes only to 2.1, but after having two weeks vacation
>>>>with much time to think about those issues, I found it worth
>>>>to start this thread.

Sylvain Wallez
Anyware Technologies -

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