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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject [PATCH] improved sitemap.xml
Date Sat, 29 Sep 2001 13:23:06 GMT

Going through sitemap.xml, I noticed a bunch of mistakes, small and large. So I
"proof-read" it, and produced the attached patch.

The patch does the following:

 - fixes the sitemap namespace URI, which was wrong. This is probably the most
   important change, since an incorrect namespace causes a really obscure error
 - fixes misc grammar, rewords awkward sentences.
 - updates sitemap snippets to refer to current Cocoon packages and classes
   (eg, "org.apache.cocoon.matcher" -> "org.apache.cocoon.matching",
   "XSLTTransformer" -> "TraxTransformer").
 - clarifies certain sections, like what Selectors do.
 - changes the text of hyperlinks that implicitly assume online operation. For

 <       Detailed information on actions is <link href="actions.html">here</link>.
 >       Detailed information on actions may be found in <link href="actions.html">the
 >       section</link>.

   Without the blue underlining, "Detailed information on actions is here"
   implies *here*, in this document, which is incorrect, because it's actually
   *there* (actions.html).

An unaddressed issue: the second half of sitemap.xml seems pretty irrelevant to
users (a bunch of interfaces). Perhaps it should be broken off and put in a
"developers" section.


PS: the patch patches xdocs/sitemap.xml and documentation/xdocs/sitemap.xml.

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