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From Gianugo Rabellino <>
Subject Re: [C2]: Documentation System
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001 08:37:29 GMT
On Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 04:17:19PM +0200, Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> for the final release of C2 we should take some time and
> update the documentation.

The lack of good documentation can seriously impact 
Cocoon's wide acceptance, one of the biggest problems I
had to face with C2 was exactly this one (I'm not 
over yet actually). In the next ew weeks I will have
some time to spare and I'm going to study in depth
Cocoon and Avalo internals. Since I think that the
best thing to do when studying code is to write notes
that might well become documentation, I'm officially 
volunteering to write some of the needed docs: just 
let me know if you think I can be of any help and I 
will start right away.

> I think as we developed Cocoon we should also use
> Cocoon to build the documentation!

So do I. :)


Gianugo Rabellino

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