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From Martin Man <>
Subject Re: Problem with sessions on Cocoon 2
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2001 19:32:28 GMT
On Fri, Sep 14, 2001 at 06:34:40PM +0200, David Hénot wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm having a problem trying to use sessions (precisely the session validator 
> action) with cocoon 2.
> I tried to send a mail to the cocoon-users ML, but got no replies. So I 
> upgraded to the beta2 (I started with beta1) and to a cvs snapshot (dated 
> 09/12/2001) with no success, and as it looks (in my point of view) like a bug 
> in cocoon, I decided to try cocoon-dev ... I would appreciate any help and if 
> it's a bug in cocoon I will help to fix it.
> I attached the mail sent to cocoon-users, so you can have all the details, 
> but with the new logs generated by the cvs snapshot, the problem is quite 
> clear :
> ------ cocoon.log (some infos cut for readability) ------
> [snip]
> Thread-56/SessionValidatorAction: SESSIONVALIDATOR: validating parameters 
> from given constraint-set is-logged-in
> Thread-56/SessionValidatorAction: SESSIONVALIDATOR: given set is-logged-in 
> contains 2 rules
> Thread-56/AbstractValidatorAction: VALIDATOR: validating parameter: login
> Thread-56/AbstractValidatorAction: VALIDATOR: validating string parameter 
> login (encoded in a string: false)
> Thread-56/AbstractValidatorAction: VALIDATOR: validating parameter: name
> Thread-56/AbstractValidatorAction: VALIDATOR: validating string parameter 
> name (encoded in a string: false)

hmm, found that it's really a small cosmetic bug, "encoded in a string" is
of course wrong here, but it does not have any impact on actual validation
process, ..., for strings this attribute is ignored... it makes sense only for
other datatypes, e.g., longs and floats which can be encoded as a string when
taken from request or as native java.lang.Long, java.lang.Float when stored in
session, ..., quite confusing isn't it :-))

> Thread-56/SessionValidatorAction: SESSIONVALIDATOR: all session params 
> validated
> (How could these parameters be anything else than strings ?)
see above

> David


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