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From Chris Finn <>
Subject Possible issue in sitemap generation [C2B2]
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 23:10:34 GMT
First, hi and thanks to everyone for all the work in
putting together such a great framework with C2.

I've run across one minor issue with sitemap
generation that I haven't seen a report on.

C2.0 b2 on W2K SP6 with Sun JDK 1.3.1, Tomcat 3.2.1

Steps to reproduce:
1) Add the sendmail action to the <map:actions>
section of the sitemap.  E.g.,

<map:action name="sendmail"

2) Save the sitemap, and restart Cocoon2.

3) Request the Cocoon home page.  An internal server
error occurs (see below for stacktrace).

4) Take the new action out of the sitemap, save the
sitemap file and restart Cocoon2.  (Note: this should
return the system to the state it was in before you
made the change.)

5) Request the Cocoon home page again.  The same error

Workaround: go into the work directory where the
sitemap class file is stored and delete the
sitemap*.class files.  The next time you restart, the
system will work.  For some reason, it appears that
even though the new Java file for the sitemap is being
generated correctly, it isn't being compiled when you
revert (the class file dates are older than the Java
file dates).

Maybe this is some Avalon-related issue or setting I
missed, but it is confusing.  Is there a "staleness"
timer that I'm hitting?  If so, anyone who makes quick
turnaround additions to the sitemap that fail will run
into it and get confused.

I'm also not sure why the Sendmail Action causes the
error in the first place, but the lack of compilation
seemed to be a more general issue.

Here's the stack trace:
Could not set up Component for hint:

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