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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: [C2][VOTE] Sync C2.0 and C2.1 branches
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2001 22:29:21 GMT

First round of Sync is done.....The "core" should be exactly the same. Experimental components
samples are left out of C2.0. Here's a list of the items that are only in C2.1 and NOT in

 1) SiteBuilder Samples
 2) SOAP Samples
 3) Profiler and support files
 4) XML:DB generators
 6) &
 7) action.xsl and sel.xsl LogicSheets
 8) CachingCIncludeTransformer and
 9) JUnit based Test framework.
10) Script Action samples.

If i have made any mistakes, please bear with me and let me know, i will fix or roll them
Please go ahead and test C2.0. Let us try to get the "Release Candidate #1" out the door by
end of
next week (Sep 15, 2001). 


Davanum Srinivas, JNI-FAQ Manager

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