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Subject i18n transformer future plans?
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2001 16:56:23 GMT
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kudo's to all towards the 2.0 release. you're one step closer now :)<br>
we finally sync'd up to the latest of the 2.0 branch today, getting the new <br>
XMLResourceBundle based i18nTransformer. There are some improvements I'm <br>
going to be making immediately for our use here, and I'd like to <br>
co-ordinate with other users.<br>
1) Support for multiple catalogs. Right now each defined instance of the <br>
transformer is tied to a single catalog. I am going to modify the <br>
transformer to allow for the selection of a catalog name as a sitemap <br>
parameter, with a constraint of all catalogs being inside of the defined <br>
catalog directory<br>
2) Making the transformer Cacheable. I don't see any reason at the moment <br>
for it to not be Cacheable, as it appears that once a catalog is parsed as <br>
a Document, no further checks are done to see if it has changed. Naturally <br>
the CacheValidity would be based upon the requested locale.<br>
3) Support for having keys with no translation "fall-through". Right now if <br>
a given translation element is not found, the enclosed value, or the <br>
defined untranslated text are substituted. I need to have the original <br>
i18n-namespaced elements returned. We have found is very cumbersome here to <br>
have all translation entries for our entire webapp in a single document, <br>
aside from the fact that we have had many duplicate entries based on how I <br>
had structured my keyspace. I was planning on breaking it up into multiple <br>
catalogs for easier maintenance, and so if a translation is not found in a <br>
more specific catalog, near the end of my translation pipeline would be a <br>
catalog with many generic terms.<br>
I'm going to start hacking right away, and when I'm done I'll send patches <br>
against the current CVS version. As it stands, the HEAD and 2.0 branch have <br>
identical copies of the i18nTransformer. Any input/suggestions/critiques <br>
are welcome.<br>
-- <br>
peter royal -&gt;<br>
managing partners, inc. -&gt;<br>
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