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Subject testing/performance framework for Cocoon
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2001 16:56:23 GMT
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Jeff and all,<br>
Over the weekend I worked on extracting the HttpClient test framework<br>
that comes with Tomcat 3.3, and making it a standalone framework. I've<br>
extended it a bit to fit the purposes of testing interactions with Web<br>
Below is a simple running test with the current framework. It runs<br>
against a SOAP stock quote Web service:<br>
&lt;target name="simple"&gt;<br>
    &lt;comment&gt;Post a simple SOAP request&lt;/comment&gt;<br>
    &lt;soapRequest href=""<br>
    &lt;httpStatusMatch match="200"/&gt;<br>
    &lt;responseMatch select="/soap:Envelope/soap:Body/n:getQuoteResponse/Result"/&gt;<br>
So far, from the list of tasks I've published originally the most<br>
important are implemented:<br>
- &lt;url-get&gt;, &lt;url-post&gt; are now &lt;httpRequest&gt;, which
allows both POST<br>
and GET. &lt;soapRequest&gt; is a specialized &lt;httpRequest&gt; for posting
- &lt;check&gt; is now &lt;responseMatch&gt; which is extended to handle XPath<br>
expressions in the XML/XHTML document response. It's implemented using<br>
dom4j and Jaxen.<br>
>From the other tasks, the biggest problem seems to be &lt;spawn&gt;. This<br>
one requires changes in the Ant internals, which I'm reluctant to do,<br>
unless I get some feedback from the Ant developers. The other tasks,<br>
&lt;iterate&gt;, &lt;database&gt;, and &lt;test&gt; become pretty
much useless without<br>
&lt;spawn&gt;. Their reason to exist was to help logging the test results in<br>
a database, so we can keep track of the Cocoon performance.<br>
There are two other tasks I'm looking at to implement:<br>
- &lt;include&gt; to include XML fragment files in the main Ant build.xml<br>
file. This would allow the tests to be put in separate files, and have<br>
them included all at once in the main Ant driver.<br>
- &lt;listen&gt;. This is very specific to asynchronous SOAP<br>
communication. In such a scenario a SOAP client sends a SOAP request<br>
to a server, which will later on send the client on a particular URL<br>
other SOAP messages. I'm looking at using the EmbeddedTomcat class<br>
from Tomcat 3.3.<br>
I'll post some source code as soon as I have the code integrated with<br>
Cocoon and Cactus.<br>
-- <br>
Ovidiu Predescu &lt;;<br> (inside HP's firewall only)<br> (my SourceForge page)<br> (GNU, Emacs, other stuff)<br>
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