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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Ant task
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2001 13:41:43 GMT
Quoting Gianugo Rabellino <>:

> Ciao,
> I'm almost finished with the Cocoon ant task. Basically it's quite
> a hack, being mostly a  sligtly modified version of Cocoon, 
> but it works quite well (I tried it with the Avalon docs changing the 
> java task to the new Cocoon task) and I find it pretty useful for 
> my needs. 


> I'm more than willing to donate this small software to the ASF: is
> the Cocoon team interested in it? Better yet: this is meant as an
> optional Ant task, so it might make sense to donate it to the Ant
> team. Yet using this task means also that you need to have a 
> fully working Cocoon environment (with all the libraries) so it
> might be a bit overweight for the standard Ant distribution and
> could fit better inside Cocoon (which package?).

I think we should use it for Cocoon first and see later on how Ant can make use 
of it. As Berin proposed that we should build smaller jar for parts of Cocoon 
(interfaces, core, samples, etc.) maybe we find the "smalles possible 
environment" to use it. Also, most of the needed jars are already in Ant (xerxes 
xalan) and thus only things like batik could be a huge part of it to process svg 

> Please let me know: if you're interested I might send you a working
> version today or tomorrow.

Yes, I personally would.


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