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From "Paolo" <>
Subject CookiePropagatorAction and sitemap parameters substitution into descriptor files
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2001 08:33:39 GMT
I am developing a new action named CookiePropagator that lets the user
create Cookies in the response using an external descriptor file like

  <cookie name=".." value=".." maxage=".." (and other cookie fields)/>
  <cookie name=".." value=".." maxage=".." (and other cookie fields)/>

The problem is that it should be useful to implement here the sitemap
parameters substitution to let the user insert values like "{myparam}"
instead of the constant directly. I wrote the first action that sets
cookies correctly but I want to implement that feature as soon as
possible because it gives me more flexibility. How can the "substitute"
method can be called from inside an action to replace an {name} entry
with its value?

Thanx everyone. I attach my code!

Paolo Scaffardi

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