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From giacomo <>
Subject Re: [C2]: Release plans
Date Sat, 18 Aug 2001 13:39:00 GMT
On Tue, 14 Aug 2001, Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

> Hi Team,
> now that some weeks have passed since our last release (the beta 2),
> we should plan our next steps for getting final with cocoon 2.
> Looking through the postings on the dev and user list over the last
> weeks, I think we can be very proud of the current state of cocoon 2.
> Of course there is enough space for improvements etc.
> Now that more and more people are getting used to cocoon 2, we get
> more and more suggestions for making it better (and bigger). This
> is really great and this is exactly what we need to keep on the
> development of such a great open source project.
> But I think, before we go on and change cocoon 2 here and there,
> we should make a final release of 2.0 first.
> We could then start with 2.1 and make the necessary changes (this
> was one of the reasons why we currently maintain the two branches).
> Why a final release first? Many people (and companies) are waiting
> for a long time to get c2. Most of them are scared of beta releases.
> So if we make a final release we attract even more people and I
> believe (or fear?) that the response might be overhelming us. They
> can benefit from a final, offical release and we can benefit from
> the reaction.

+1. There is always room for improvements but sometime you need to get a
release out before considering implementing new features (and there are
alot outstanding already)

> So here is my suggestion:
> - Making another beta which should include the points mentioned below

What about a Release Candidate insead of a Beta?

> - Looking for a time (about four weeks) if everything is stable,
>   fixing last bugs and making the final release (However, if the next
>   beta is unstable, we must make another beta after the period of time
>   and start with this point over and over again).

+1 on four weeks

> What do we need for the next beta?
> - Incorporate all outstanding patches and bugfixes (Dims has already
>   requested for this).
> - Fix all outstanding bugs
> - Decide which parts of C2.1 should go into 2.0
> - Update documentation. This point needs the most work, I think. The
>   documentation is currently a bit crowded. For example we have the
>   Sitemap documentation which explains all sitemap components, but
>   for matchers, selectors and actions there are different documents.
>   This should be unified and we should split the documentation into
>   user and developer documentation. The user docs mainly for installing,
>   configuring and using c2 by creating own pipelines and using the
>   existing components.
>   The developer doc should contain everything needed for building
>   own components.
> - Final versions of the other projects used by c2, mainly these
>   are Avalon Excalibur, Avalon LogKit and Xalan. Perhaps we must also
>   update to a newer FOP version.

Well, here we have many new features which propably will not make it
into the 2.0 final version of Cocoon (ie. LogKit management,
Resource Monitoring)

> - Layout the distribution: What files in which format should really
>   get into the distribution. As everybody has the recompile the dist
>   to get the examples (in detail the sql examples) running, I think
>   we shouldn't include a half binary dist. We should only distribute
>   the sources, the required libraries, examples and (perhaps build)
>   documentation.

And of course fix the scripts according to the platform they will be
running on (eod-of-line problem)

> I would propose to schedule the next (and hopefully final) beta for
> the end of september, so we have the final release at the end of
> October (the former ApacheCon Europe date....).

+1. Though we might think of a release candidate instead of another


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