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Subject request object
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2001 14:33:04 GMT
Hi developers,

I don't think this has been dealt with before - although I may be wrong.

I've now converted my java apps to cocoon2. This was made infinitely worse
because the cocoon HttpRequest class does not implement  the javax
HttpServletRequest interface.

It says it does in the javbadocs, it implements evbery method. But,
formally it does not.

This means a huge duplication of code on my part (I wanted to retain
cocoon1 compatability for back out purposes).

Is there a reason for this, or is it an oversight. I know a number of
questions have been raised on the user mailing list regarding this, but no
technical explanation has been forthcoming.

I guess you're the guys to ask.

It would be nice to implement the interface, or at least provide public
access to the HttpServletRequest object from c2. The object is currebtly
protected, even if you don't want to formally implement the interface, I
can see no reason for not providing a public access  to egt the

Otherwise, thanks for all the work you're doing!


Anthony Aldridge
Lead Application developer

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Anthony Aldridge
Lead Application developer

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