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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject [C2 VOTE] StoreJanitor
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2001 22:27:43 GMT
Hi Team,
I hope I do everything right now with this voting. First I want
to say, that following idea is a summing of different postings
from several peoples few days ago. I don't want to steal someones
idea and I hope no one is feeling repositioned (esp. Christian,Peter)!

Few days ago I mentioned, that the EventCache (MRUMemoryStore) class 
is initialize twice. This has the effect, that two cleanupthreads cleaning
up memory. That can be a performance issue. So the initial idea from Peter Royal
was to write a "StoreJanitor" which is responsible for the memory clean up.
Every Store class (MRUMemoryStore, MemoryStore,...) must register to the
StoreJanitor. The StoreJanitor, see prototype from Christian Schmitt, will
cleanup memory by calling the free() method of the different registerd stores
with some alghorithm. The precondition is, that every store must implement the 
free() method. So we have to broaden the Store interface by a public free() method.
With the StoreJanitor we can have _hundreds_ :) different stores, but we have 
one intelligent background process which keeps an eye on memory.


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