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From "Laran Coates" <>
Subject Proof of concept
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2001 16:57:45 GMT
Hi all,

I'm interested in finding out how the lessons to be learned from studying
the Cocoon project can help me in a project at my current company.  We're
tyring to do something very similar, publishing content for multiple
formats, total isolation of presentation and business logic, easy to deploy,
standards based, etc... I've spent the past couple weeks taking a very close
look at the Cocoon and Avalon projects and I'm convinced that it's not a
panacea, but that using it as a loose foundation would take many months off
the development time of our platform.

I'm having a little trouble convincing the others I work with that it would
be a good idea to at least study the two projects, Cocoon and Avalon, in
hopes of foreseeing a lot of the gotchas that I'm sure we'd encounter.

I've read what Ovidiu's posted over the last few days and I'm interested in
other peoples accounts on how Cocoon performs in the real world.  I need to
get the people I work with over the Beta nature of Cocoon.  I know it's not
guaranteed, and I know it's constantly evolving, and at what seems to be
quite a nice clip thanks to everyone working on the project (I'm still
trying to find where I can work myself into the project to help out).  But I
still think that the work you've all put in and the tremendous amount to be
learned from it can be put to good use.

If anyone's got any feedback on how Cocoon holds up in the real world and
perhaps examples of big names using it that would really help me make my

Thanks in advance to everyone.

Laran Coates

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