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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject AW: when to use Bugzilla and when to post to cocoon-dev?
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2001 12:15:00 GMT
> David Crossley wrote:
> What is the proper procedure for raising development issues
> and for contributing code/doco changes?
> The documents contrib.xml and patches.xml do not seem very
> clear on how to do this. I expect that if i am confused, then
> there are going to be others who are similarly frustrated.
> While wading through the mail archives, i see lots of posts
> going un-answered. The Apache Cocoon project certainly does
> not want to miss out on any useful contributions.
Yes, this is right, but as most of us are doing all this on a volunteer
base in our spare time, we oversee some things from time to time.
And as now the great period of vacations has reached us it
is very hard to react on everything. But we all try to do our best.
I think this was the main reason for the contribution and
patch pages. I don't know their current state, but it's obvious
that they are not used right now.
The working procedure is explained some lines below.

> Three main issues that i see are ...
> 1) When is it appropriate to use Bugzilla? I notice that
> some patches are first raised via Bugzilla, while others
> are first raised on cocoon-dev mailing list. There does not
> seem to be consistency.
Yes, this is not consistent due to the different knowledge
of the people and their patience dealing with "problems" which
might be bugs. Experienced cocoon developers use directly bugzilla
as they are very sure when they found a bug and when not.
Less experienced users first ask on the user or developer
mailing list (see 2)). But very impatient people always enter
everything into bugzilla without caring if it is a bug
of cocoon or an installation/configuration mistake.

> 2) When is it appropriate to raise an issue directly on the
> cocoon-dev mailing list? Should issues be discussed here
> first and then submitted to Bugzilla when we are sure that
> it is an actual issue?
Yes, exactly. It is always the best way first to look into
the mail archive and the faq if this topic was raised already.
If not, and you are not sure if it might be a bug, post it
to the mailing list and wait for an answer. If it is approved
as a bug, enter it into bugzilla.
It might be that you do not get any answer on your first reply,
so just post it again until you get one. (But please not every
our, give us one, two or three days to deal with it).

> 3) What to do when there is no follow-up discussion to an
> initial post to cocoon-dev?
See 2)
> I intend to add a section to the end of contrib.xml or into
> patches.xml to clarify the process. While there, i will do
> some tweaks to the existing content. For example, there is
> absolutely no mention of Bugzilla apart from the general
> link on the sidebar.
Feel free to send a patch!


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> cheers, David Crossley
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