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From "Morrison, John" <>
Subject Introduction
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2001 09:29:41 GMT
Hi all,

Since I've been given committer access I suppose I'd better (formally rather
than just asking questions) introduce myself (boy do I dislike doing this -
even by letter ;D

My name is John (aged 28), I'm married so Susan (three years to the day) so
little development goes on at home (the married folks will know what I
mean).  I live in Nottingham, England and I've been programming since I
first owned a BBC B (model 7 issue 2 (how sad - I shouldn't remember these
details :)).  I graduated from BBC BASIC through machine code on various
processors (although how you graduate to a lower level language...?) through
Fortran at college, Modula-2, LISP, and Haskell with a little C at uni to
C++ in my first job.

I've been a fairly advanced C++ programmer for the last 6/7 years - lots of
templates and patterns and (for the last two years) minimal cross-platform
development.  I partially moved to Java a few years ago now (job requires
periodic C++ maintenance).  Almost all of my Java experience is in server
side technologies - it was a good 10 months before I learned how to use
swing and I've still only done one applet!

At work I'm behind the (IMOO) worlds most paranoid corporate firewall.  It
took me 4 weeks to get cvs access opened up after 4 months of lobbying!  I'm
hoping to beat this for ssh (I've more leverage now), but it may be some
time before you see any really active participation.  I *can* ssh from home
- so I'll try and commit via there.

As to software, I run the Apache WebServer (1.3.20) and tomcat (Catalina b6)
on my home and work development boxes, Windoze 2K but with Cygwin for my
command-line, Java 1.3.1.  For deployment I have to use IIS (4) and
ServletExec (3.1).

As Donald said - I've been 'playing' with Cocoon almost since it's inception
and regularly bugging the developers over that time.  I'm attempting to get
2 projects at work to use Cocoon (fighting the M$ influence).  The first
project is through prototype stage is a simple xml feed of data from various
sources.  I'm afraid I can't give out much more details but it's never going
to be publicly accessible, it's purely for B2B.  The second project hasn't
even reached prototype (although I know it's all possible) is a chart
server.  Not fancy I know but it should sit on top of the feeds (project 1)
and supply SVG (along with jpg/png) graphs for (again B2B) partner
businesses to integrate into their own pages.

Hope this has been enough to introduce myself and give some idea as to what
direction I'm going at work (pref with Cocoon2).

Speak to y'all later!


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