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From Stuart Roebuck < (BlueYonder)>
Subject Re: Debugging Custom Generators & Transformers in VAJ
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2001 23:24:34 GMT
I've been doing quite a bit of debugging of Cocoon 2 under Tomcat 4.0b 
using jdb and jswat in the last week or so.  One problem I ran across 
early on was that if I had two or more cocoon based contexts in Tomcat, 
debugging only seemed to be able to 'see' one of them, and this invariably 
was the cocoon example that came with Cocoon rather than the code I wanted 
to debug.  So I removed the example Cocoon sitemap during debugging and 
all was well.


On Wednesday, August 15, 2001, at 10:19  pm, Kaufman, Noah wrote:

> 	I apologize for posting this over here, but after some thought
> it seemed like the folks who read this list might be better equipped to
> answer this.
> 	I work for company that is developing a series of custom
> generators, transformers, and serializers.  Since we are new (relatively
> speaking) to Cocoon we would like to able to debug our custom Cocoon 2
> code using a debugger.
> 	We use Visual Age for Java, and we have gotten the latest build
> of Tomcat to run inside of VAJ, but we are not able to make Beta 2 of
> Cocoon 2 work in this configuration.
> 	The cocoon.log file has a lot of information in it, but the
> error can be summed up by saying that for some reason Cocoon is unable
> to locate the proper component handler to read its own sitemap.
> 	Has anyone had any experience with running Cocoon 2 under Tomcat
> inside of VAJ, and if so - what do we need to do to make this work
> properly?

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