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From "Craeg K. Strong" <>
Subject Re: proposal: entity resolution capability
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2001 20:46:18 GMT
>We now provide a complete explanation and a working
>solution. Please consider this feature for Cocoon 2.
>regards, David Crossley

We at Ariel are longtime XSLT programmers but Cocoon newbies (we were 
waiting for 2.0 :-).
We use a variety of emacs plugins to edit XML documents, and are 
_constantly_ getting burned
by situations like:

- a SYSTEM DTD might be in one place on one guy's disk but I might have 
it somewhere else.
- XML file refers to a PUBLIC DTD but I am editing the file on the train 

DTD catalogs (and, more generally, entity resolution catalogs) are an 
answer to prayer.  
If David hadn't implemented them already, we would soon be working on 
this ourselves...

We would _love_ to see this capability in Cocoon2.

Committers-- I know most are probably on vacation right now, but for 
what it's worth
I definately vote for putting this patch on the short list of stuff to 
go into the next beta.

</lobby> 2cents... :-)


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