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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: New Excalibur--Time to redo your Cocoon Load Tests
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2001 15:10:52 GMT wrote:
> One warning though: SQLTransformer in the version that is in C2.0 cvs right
> now, can still cause a deadlock with this new system, especially if you're
> using nested queries under pretty heavy load.
> I'm using a slightly modified version (which I posted earlier today), but I
> have to admit it isn't clean code yet. I just got news I might get a few
> cycles to spend on further improving the SQLTransformer, so I might use some
> of them to develop a real patch.

Tom--check the patch I applied in the Avalon CVS list.  I didn't apply the
patch you gave me, but a improved version.  That improved version will hopefully
avoid the deadlock problems you have been facing.  Let me know.

My initial JMeter load tests show no error messages and plenty of reason to smile.
I simulated 20 users each hitting the server every 300ms.  When the JVM was in
a garbage collection cycle, the longest response time was 842ms.  During normal
opperation, responses were between 0ms and 20ms (55% at 0, 40% at 10, 5% at 20)
with occasional spikes around 100ms.

I am going to up the JMeter load test to allow for 100 simultaneous users just to
try and break it.

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