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From Enke Michael <>
Subject Re: I18nTransformer patch
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2001 14:48:10 GMT
Here are my answers:

"Piroumian, Konstantin" wrote:
> ...
> Why only in number and date/time? I think that 'locale' attribute can be
> useful also in all other tags, such as i18n:text, i18n:param, etc. If you
> are using a locale stack (as I proposed in one of my emails) then it will be
> very easy to add this, isn't it?
> I would do it myself, but unfortunately I am very busy at my paid work and
> even have no possibility to checkout the CVS snapshot. :(((

I used alternative variables for Locale: loc and srcLoc,
which will be initialised to the locale from the attributes or if no
locale-attribute to the default locale from setup().
I had a close look for the other elements but on the fly I didn't find
where to insert it for i18n:text and i18n:param. And I'm also busy at my
paid work ;-(
So for date and time it was essentially for me but the other ... may be

> The original document was xdocs/i18n.xml. I noticed there they are the same
> with i18n-transformer.xml. Is there a good reason for having to sets of
> identical documents?

I got xdocs/i18n-transformer.xml via the web interface because I have no
to cvs directly (firewall!? after typing in the password: Connection
timed out)
And there is no xdocs/i18n.xml if you are looking to the web interface.

> Btw, the common procedure is to send a 'diff' from the CVS root directory.
> In this case, you'd have one file instead of two. And also it's  easier to
> apply the patch.

As I said, I have no access to cvs, only to through the web interface.


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