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From Gerhard Froehlich <>
Subject AW:[C2] Loadtest
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2001 08:26:46 GMT
>> > - the first one is a project for a cocoon-based web site
>> with 3 dozens
>> >tables and a couple SQL Statements using ESQL for each page
>> request. I
>> >served 50 simulatnous user without acceptable performance degradation
>> >and _without_ caching (only XSL Stylesheets were cached).
>> CPU time and
>> >memory consumption remaind constant.
>> >
>> > - the second project is a web application with combination
>> of Cococon2
>> >and JSP-Pages, very complex SQL Statements using ESQL and complex
>> >transformations, in combination with static XML files (XML
>> files and XSL
>> >stylesheet cached). In this configuration i have very poor
>> performance,
>> >a 1GHz Server with 512MB RAM can seems to be full loaded at 10 users!
>> But this seems to be a problem of the pipeline processing. Maybe the
>> different transformers or the serializers have a problem.
>Any idea how to narrow down the problem? There are only XSP generators
>using ESQL (usually 2-4 of them, aggregated together) and XML File
>generators (1-2 per match), one XSLT transformer and one serializer
>(HTML or FOP).
Hmmm, that's like searching a niddle in a haystack. I think white box
testing can help us. Maybe we can seperate the different modules
generating->transforming->serializing->caching->storing and stress
it seperatly. My idea is to break open the processing chain
and start testing with the generator, then I will grab sequential the
other modules to the chain and stress it again. When you now hit a
leak, then you now which component causes it. But this is just an


Gerhard Fröhlich

"black holes are,
when GOD is dividing by zero" 

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