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From Gerhard Froehlich <>
Subject Re: AW: [c2 todo] handle error inside pipeline
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2001 14:33:00 GMT
> Yes, this is exactly the problem. If you use any other serializer, e.g.
> html,
> and an exception occurs in the middle of the processing, the response
> contains
> the "first correct part" of the html, the exception triggers the
> <map:handle-errors>
> "pipeline", the ErrorNotifier creates SAX events for the exception and
> these
> SAX events are handled by <map:handle-errors> "pipeline", e.g. by using a
> stylesheet
> to transform this to html.
> Now the whole response consists of the "first correct part in html" and
> the
> exception in html, which is quiet a mess on the client.
> If you use PDF (or the FOPSerializer) an intermediate output stream is
> already created
> which should avoid the scenario you described above.
> We had several weeks ago a discussion on this topic. I think the most
> other
> developers
> (excluding me) favored the "configurable per pipeline" approach, which
> means
> the
> sitemap editor has to take care, which pipelines should use this
> intermediate output
> stream and which not (default is not). This decission was made because of
> possible
> performance lost if the intermediate output stream was used everywhere.
Oh I didn't seen this thread, sorry. So much traffic in this list the last
Do you know the topic of this thread, then I will get it from the archive
and re-read 


Gerhard Fröhlich

"black holes are,
when GOD is dividing by zero" 

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