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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: JSPEngineImpl
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2001 21:45:38 GMT
The JSP support evolved over time, so am not sure that i remember all the answers....Anyway
see below.


--- "Piroumian, Konstantin" <> wrote:
> Hi, dims and team!
> I am working on a JSPReader, which will allow to output a JSP page generated
> content from the sitemap (not XML!). This will allow to use C2 as a
> controller servlet (controlled by the sitemap), but use JSP in its usual
> way: outputting HTML.
> And I have a few questions about the JSPEngine implementations:
> The first question is about the MyServletRequest and MyServletResponse
> classes. Is there a reason that they don't extend HttpServletRequest and
> ...Response classes but implement interfaces completely? Wouldn't it be
> better and easier just to extend those classes and override needed methods?

The default HttpServletRequest/Response classes do some quirky things (see tomcat sources
example). We need to control every aspect and make sure that the environment we are working
in is
not clobbered by the things that happen when we extend MyServletXXXX classes from HttpServletXXXX.

> As I can see, JSPEngine returns byte array. Wouldn't it be better to have a
> possibility to specify an output stream for JSP servlet? Just a though, I
> have to look at it more carefully.

Could have been done either way....

> Another problem with the source path. JSP engine uses the real file path to
> open the source, but when I specify something like context://jsp/welcome.jsp
> then I get a Protocol not supported error. If I remove the check for
> "file:/" prefix I get another error: File not found (the app context path is
> appended twice). If I use a relative path 'jsp/welcome.jsp' then the path
> resolves correctly but JspServlet returns File not found error.

Any patches here are welcome.

> I've attached the source, if anybody is interested. To make it work with
> Tomcat 3.3 I had to copy jasper.jar and servlet.jar to
> context://WEB-INF/lib. 

Yes. The build script's don't do this by default as the jsp support is implemented in myriad
depending on the servlet container.

> And added this lines to sitemap:
> <map:match pattern="test/*.htm">
>      <map:read src="/jsp/{1}.jsp" type="jsp" mime-type="text/html"/>
> </map:match>
> Currently, this is the only way to get it running correctly.
> Are there any suggestion/comments how to change/improve JSPEngine to be used
> not only for a generator, but in any case, when an output from JSP page is
> needed, particularly, in JSPReader.
> Regards,
>     Konstantin Piroumian.

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Davanum Srinivas, JNI-FAQ Manager

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