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From Sergio Carvalho <>
Subject Sitemap editor cocoon app
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2001 23:21:47 GMT

I'm attaching a sitemap editor I'd like to donate to the ASF. It is  a Cocoon 
'application', so if you can run Cocoon, you can use it (if you can't run Cocoon, 
you have no use for it :-)

The editor has just reached 'barely useful' state. Right now, I have been using 
it to edit its own sitemap, so I think its time to release it. Please comment, 
tell me what you think and where do you think it should be headed·

To install:
 0. Unpack the tgz to the cocoon dir. 
 1. Make it so that your Cocoon installation can use the JspGenerator. Under 
tomcat, this involves copying jasper-compiler.jar to Cocoon's WEB-INF/lib 
 2. Create a mount entry for sitebuilder, on the main sitemap. Like this:
 <map:match pattern="sitebuilder**">
  <map:mount uri-prefix="sitebuilder/" src="sitebuilder/" />
 3. Edit "sitebuilder/datasources/cocoon_prefix.jspinclude" and set the Cocoon 
prefix. (Note: I'll gladly get rid of this step if someone can help me do it. 
Read the comment on the file...)

Now, point your browser to the URI where sitebuilder is mounted and all should 
work fine.

Sitebuilder requires that all elements of the sub sitemap being edited have the 
"id" attribute. I plan to have it tag unidentified elements, in the future, but
 for now, the sitemap being edited must conform to this rule. To test run the 
editor, you can edit sitebuilder's own sitemap, which is tagged.

Last but not least, this is of course, under active development. So, be careful 
with your data. It may trash the sitemap when editing it. There are also a number 
of open issues that need to be fixed/developed before reaching a really useful 
 * Editing actions. (map:act elements)
 * Editing redirects.
 * Changing attribute values.
 * Editing the main sitemap (this is more of an interface issue. The feature is 
 * Creating new sites from within the editor. Right now, this involves copying 
sitemap.skel.xmap to a new dir, and mounting it on the main sitemap.
 * Test on browsers other than mozilla. I can't test on internet explorer, but 
I've tested on Opera. It is functional, but looks ugly as hell. Mostly CSS issues.


Sergio Carvalho

If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you

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