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From Christian Schmitt>
Subject Patch to
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 13:27:16 GMT
Hi y'all,
for reasons beyond my control I have to do something like this in
the sitemap:

<map:match pattern="somewhere.xsp">
  <map:redirect-to url="somewhere-else.xsp?param2=value2"/>

Now, I know it's ugly, but I can't do anything about it right now.

So, that brings me to the point...
When there were already CGI parameters present in the original 
requested URL (e.g. somewhere.xsp?param1=value1) the new 
parameter (param2=value2) is appended using the "?" character.
This produces an incorrect URL in the form of:


The second question mark should be an ampersand (&).

Now, attached is a patch to that should do 
the trick. If someon with commit rights thinks it's worthy, please
check it in.

Christian Schmitt

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