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From "Piroumian, Konstantin" <>
Subject Re: I18nTransformer patch
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2001 13:56:00 GMT

I like your changes.
I'd like to add a fiew comments:

> Hi,
> I have added some lines of code to
> and tested. It is attached to this mail.
> I hope this is useful not only to me ;-)
> 1) before: <i18n:date ... />   -> date and time
>    now: <i18n:date ... />      -> only date -> incompatibility
>                  -> new URI:
>         <i18n:time ... />      -> time
>         <i18n:date-time ... /> -> date and time
> 2) the src-pattern and pattern attributes for date and time
>    recognizes now also:"short", "medium", "long" and "full"
>    in addition to a regular pattern
> 3) fixed a bug in <i18n:number/> wich caused wrong output if the
>    value was given as text and not as value="...":
>    <i18n:number sub-type="currency">
>     123.45
>    </i18n:number>
> 4) for number and date/time: introduced the attributes 'locale'
>    and 'src-locale', e.g.:

Why only in number and date/time? I think that 'locale' attribute can be
useful also in all other tags, such as i18n:text, i18n:param, etc. If you
are using a locale stack (as I proposed in one of my emails) then it will be
very easy to add this, isn't it?
I would do it myself, but unfortunately I am very busy at my paid work and
even have no possibility to checkout the CVS snapshot. :(((

>    <i18n:date src-pattern="short" src-locale="en_US" locale="de_DE">
>     12/24/01
>    </i18n:date>
>    will result in 24.12.2001
>    A given "real" pattern and src-pattern (not short, medium, long,
> full)
>    overwrites the locale and src-locale
> I send a diff -u <old> <new> where <new> is:
> a) -> src/org/apache/cocoon/transformation/
> b) -> xdocs/i18n-transformer.xml

The original document was xdocs/i18n.xml. I noticed there they are the same
with i18n-transformer.xml. Is there a good reason for having to sets of
identical documents?

> Does anybody have suggestions/remarks?

Not yet ;)

Btw, the common procedure is to send a 'diff' from the CVS root directory.
In this case, you'd have one file instead of two. And also it's  easier to
apply the patch.

> Best regards,
> Michael

    Konstantin Piroumian.

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