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From Gerd Mueller <>
Subject Re: LoadTest
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2001 07:00:20 GMT

> 	o decreased performance over time (100 users lasts about 20 minutes,
> 	  50 users lasts about 40 minutes with our application, before
> 	  performance drops)

I've noticed the same problem. My test setup is rather simple: Tomcat 3.2 or 
Jetty, Cocoon 2 b02, IBM JVM on Linux, 1 User that requests always the same 

The memory usage of the JVM grows slowly and after some time the GC comes in. 
That drops the performance. I've switched off any caching for the pipelines 
and then it works quit stable. So, I asume there is a problem with caching. 
Also I don't understand why the memory usage slowly grows when switched on 
the cache, although I always request the same page (which BTW is build by 
content aggregation). 

Best Regards,

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