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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: proposal: entity resolution capability
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2001 05:58:35 GMT
On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, dims wrote:
> David,
> Please look into the latest C2.1, I have added some support
> for Catalogs. See my commit message extract below. I used
> Norman Walsh's classes as the default since i have no idea
> about license for your classes etc.

That is brilliant Dims. I removed our old test catalog
support, did cvs checkout 2.1-dev of your new stuff, and
added a properties file. Everything works as expected. Great.

It does not matter now, but the catalog classes that we had
used for the proposal were also Sun's by Norm Walsh which
he made available via Arbortext. (We were not doing anything
special - just hooking the classes up to the parser's entity
resolver via and

The new SUN classes would have evolved from those. These are
current and form a better base. The way that you have
implemented it is also far better than our original proposal.
Well done. (Where do you get the time :-)

I will separately send the sample catalog demo that i had
prepared for our original proposal, together with our initial
properties file, a default catalog, and a default set of ISO
character entity sets. I will then re-work our proposal
documentation catalog.xml to become the user doco.

We can now build upon your solid base. I will follow up
separately with a couple of issues, e.g default config.

many thanks, David Crossley

On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, dims continued:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> This is the initial commit for support for
> Catalogs for Entity Resolution.
> - Uses the XML Entity and URI Resolvers Java [tm] classes at
> - The spec for catalogs are at
> - Componentized such that others (like the folks at
> can use their own catalog components.
> Needs more work:
> - Add sample file
> - Samples to show Entity Resolution at work.
> - Updates to the Documentation.
> - etc, etc...
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Thanks,
> dims

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