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From David Crossley <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] xdocs/faq.xml needs split into topic-based FAQs
Date Sun, 19 Aug 2001 07:11:39 GMT
The frequently asked questions document xdocs/faq.xml would
be better split into smaller topic-based sub-documents.
The current FAQ as one long file is un-workable.

A simple solution is required to fast-track the release.
So i propose to keep the existing document format, just break
it up into a collection of topics (e.g. faq-sitemap.xml,
faq-contrib.xml). The front index page (faq.xml) would have
the list of topics as <s1> sections, containing each set of
questions as <ul> lists. Each question would link to the
relevant anchor in the relevant topic document faq-*.xml

In the future, better solutions could build upon this content.
As you know, because we have it now as XML structured content,
we can easily transform it later to something else.

This is the initial list of FAQ topics, required to house the
current set of FAQs. Of course, it can grow for future FAQs.
Are there other topic pages that should be added as placeholders?

* Building and Installing
* Configuration
* Starting and Runtime
* Samples
* Sitemap
* XML Content
* Contributing
* Other Issues

I am not offering to be FAQ manager. However, i can do the
document re-structuring.

regards, David Crossley

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