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From David Crossley <>
Subject when to use Bugzilla and when to post to cocoon-dev?
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2001 01:29:21 GMT
What is the proper procedure for raising development issues
and for contributing code/doco changes?

The documents contrib.xml and patches.xml do not seem very
clear on how to do this. I expect that if i am confused, then
there are going to be others who are similarly frustrated.
While wading through the mail archives, i see lots of posts
going un-answered. The Apache Cocoon project certainly does
not want to miss out on any useful contributions.

Three main issues that i see are ...

1) When is it appropriate to use Bugzilla? I notice that
some patches are first raised via Bugzilla, while others
are first raised on cocoon-dev mailing list. There does not
seem to be consistency.

2) When is it appropriate to raise an issue directly on the
cocoon-dev mailing list? Should issues be discussed here
first and then submitted to Bugzilla when we are sure that
it is an actual issue?

3) What to do when there is no follow-up discussion to an
initial post to cocoon-dev?

I intend to add a section to the end of contrib.xml or into
patches.xml to clarify the process. While there, i will do
some tweaks to the existing content. For example, there is
absolutely no mention of Bugzilla apart from the general
link on the sidebar.

cheers, David Crossley

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