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From Mariano Kamp <>
Subject Why does a Serializer doesn't have a setup method? Was:Re: Cocoon Contracts (was Re: Why does Action extend ThreadSafe ?)
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2001 16:37:50 GMT
Hello Berin,

  your explanations are quite helpful. Just one little question:


> 2) Generator: A generator performs XML generation from some external
> source, whether it is a stream, an object, or database.  It must send SAX
> events to the next component in a chain.  A Generator is always the first
> component in a chain.  Due to the SAX implementation, it cannot be
> ThreadSafe--but can be Pooled.


> 4) Serializer: A serializer receives XML from a chain, and converts it to
>    an external stream.  A Serializer is the last element in a stream. 
> Again, it has the same constraints placed upon it as Generator due to the
> same issues.

I guess you are referring to the need to use instance variables? What I don't 
get is that there is no setup method in Serializer. I was already asking this 
once, but Giacomo just replied: "It is the way it is designed." Could you 
probably cast some light into the schadow?

  So my real question is: If a serializer needs to have instance variables 
why shouldn't has it a setup() Method?


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