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From <>
Subject Running cocoon under a java security manger.
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2001 20:16:59 GMT
Hello cocoon developers.  I know I am not suppose to be here but I'm at
my ropes end.  I've got some customers who want to host cocoon sites on
my shared jvm/tomcat based server.  I've searched the mail archives, the
user groups and posted to the cocoon user list (several times with the
same message).  No responses.  Apparently no one out there runs cocoon
with a java security manager in place?  I am posting my message here in
hopes that someone can give me a clue or refer me to the right reference

Here is my post to the user list.

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Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2001 6:48 PM
Subject: any success running under a java security manager?

Has anyone had any success running cocoon 1.8.2 under a java security

cocoon 1.8.2
tomcat 3.2.2
jdk 1.3.0

All of cocoon jars are installed in the tomcat/lib directory which has
ALL java security permissions.  The test site has a cocoon context
pointing to the cocoon directory within the site's root directory
hierarchy.  The java permissions for the test site has full
(r,w,d) permissions from the root directory on.  I have the samples
loaded.  I run a few samples and everything is fine.  Then I run an app
that had to be compiled into a class.  When that class is loaded, I'm
getting file permission read errors on a file that this class reads to
do it's thing.  This file is within the root hierarchy.  I am stumped.
Does anyone know what's up here?  The repository which is where the
generated class file resides is within the root hierarchy.  Does anyone
know what code base these created classes run under?  I know it's not
within the root hierarchy since I tried giving it all permissions to
with no success.  If I disable the security manager or put an all
permissions to all, then everything works fine.

Thanks Much.

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