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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: ExFormula
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2001 14:00:03 GMT
> > Thanks! But do really think this should happen in
> > a different CVS tree? If you think so I'm fine
> > with that... I was just wondering because right
> > now it'll have strong connection to C2
> If we are talking about Actions and Generators/Transformers,
> then no.  One of the things I had in mind for ExFormula was a

Well, for the first version I see a logicsheet an action
and multiple helper classes.

> dynamic Action builder package that verified the results according
> to a specific schema.  It's whole purpose was to have dedicated
> Actions--that also took care of mapping the XML to a database.
> In that sense, ExFormula would become a source factory that is
> used during coding, but the Actions, Generators, and other
> components were to be used during execution.

Well, this sounds promissing but this will need a major change
in the C2 XSP generation schema. We would need a XSP engine
component for XSP actions...

Or do you think of separating this completely from Cocoon?
Something like a XFormEditor that produces Action sources
for a specific schema?

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