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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject latest xform
Date Sun, 29 Jul 2001 15:13:34 GMT
Ok, guys, here we go...

Except the validation and the resulting error
handling the _basic_ XForm stuff is almost complete.
I've set up a simple Example. Please take a look...

Here is the current ToDo list for the XForm stuff:

* removing the PostRegistry [done]
  I've replaced the PostRegistry by a cached
  descriptor. All necessary information are
  grabbed via XPath and put into a cache.

* validation [open]
  I've prepare the XFormAction for validation.
  All information should be available. But
  we still need a consensus here.
  Will a "validate" attribute really be sufficient.
  How do we connect error reporting then?

* error reporting [open]
  This goes hand in hand with the validation.
  Where do we define errors and do we really put
  the occured errors into the XForm instance?

* xform model support [open]

* selectMany [Konstantin?]
  We need to expand the DOMObject interface
  to be able to set multiple selected choices.
  Question: has anyone an idea how a selectMany
  looks like in the instance data? I must have
  missed this one...

* xform can cascade - http forms not [christian?]
  Right now the example defines http forms
  via tag. This is not what the idea is behind
  xform. We need to find a way to dynamically
  create the http forms from the xml if possible.
  This one is tricky!

* some elements are missing [me]
  Up to now we have only the most basic http
  controls available. We need to add:
    - range
    - secret
    - uploadMedia
    - button
    - reset
    - submit

* input/output mapper [me]
  Although prepare for such mappings the
  mapping needs to be implemented for
  basic use cases:
    - xform
    - bean
    - classes in general
    - maybe even databases?

Well, since this stuff is getting bigger and bigger
it would be really nice to find a CVS for that.
I'd prefer the cocoon dev tree but I am also fine with
exformular or somewhere else - what do you guys think?

Don't want to bother you all with my attachments ;)


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