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From Marcus Crafter <>
Subject [C2] i18n proposed updates
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2001 09:50:34 GMT
Hi All,

	Hope all is well.

	For the eager, attached is a patch and archive of proposed changes to
	the i18n sources, with my initial support for multiple message

	I'm sending this code in more for feedback and further ideas at the
	moment. I also have some questions below.

	Please note that this patch *will break* the current i18n examples.
	This is because I haven't finished merging all of the message
	catalogues over from the current format to the new.

	For those who are interested, please give the code a go and tell me
	what you think. Limited documentation is available in the javadoc class

	The multiple catalogue support is actually provided by the
	XMLResourceBundle code currently in the avalon scratchpad - I've
	included the code in the attached archive. Hopefully it will make it's
	way into Avalon proper soon.

	Ok. So now some questions:

	1. The i18n transformer is now configured at sitemap definition time.
	One of the parameters specifies the directory where the message
	catalogues are located.

	This directory should be specified from the webapp root (unless
	there's a better idea ?), but the XMLResourceBundle needs to resolve
	the filename completely. So, use the SourceResolver I thought, but
	there's no SourceResolver in the configure API ?

	How can I do this at configure time ?

	2. Format of the catalogue files - what should it be ? Currently I
	have specified a prototypical format. Basically it's:

	<?xml version="1.0"?>

	Anyone have any further thoughts there ?

	I'll be adding support for overriding the definition time options at
	usage time soon as well.

	Konstantin, please let me know if my changes break any of your code.

	Ok then, let the discussions begin.



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    $:         $$$$:   Open Software Associates GmbH
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