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Subject Re: something funny with namespaces and xalan2.2dev (fwd)
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 17:04:19 GMT

I'm going to reply to this in


                    Donald Ball                                                          
                    <balld@websli        To:     <>         
          >           cc:     <>, <>
                                         Subject:     Re: something funny with namespaces
and xalan2.2dev (fwd)    
                    02:42 AM                                                             

On Mon, 2 Jul 2001 wrote:

> > I'm not 100% sure, but it looks like the current
> > SAX2DTM code expects to be passed both, and I can imagine that Cocoon
> might
> > be trying to take the shortcut...
> The code should work fine if passed only startPrefixMapping and
> endPrefixMapping events.  I just wrote a small test for this, and
> everything seems pretty happy (though it gets confused for local-name()
> you pass null instead of "" for startPrefixMapping...).
> My suspicion is that whoever is generating SAX events within the body
> statement, i.e. the form, input, etc., is not generating the namespaceURI
> argument for startElement. The SAX2DTM will not try and resolve the
> namespace itself, as per:

(sorry for the lateness of this response)

all of the elements in the form were created using SAX by a custom
component. the component strictly creates nodes in the default namespace:


the other elements on the page were generated using SAX by cocoon's
FileGenerator, which is ultimately using jaxp (xerces) to parse the file.

> Since a ContentHandler doesn't have a way to set the namespace property
> itself, SAX2DTM assumes this property is always true.  (It is still in
> error in that it requires the qName argument).  (This optionality on
> in my opinion, is really awful.)
> Donald, is this making any sense?

a bit. would it be helpful if i got a dump of the SAX events that are
being given to xalan for debugging? if so, let me know. for the time
being, i've simply removed the namespace from that layer. i'm actually
finding that the more i use namespaces, the more i dislike certain aspects
of working with them.

- donald

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