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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject AW: IMPORTANT: Issue with MRUMemmoryStore
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2001 12:52:44 GMT
Hi Team,
Ok, yesterday was not my day, too much confusion and strange
things happend. I think it was the friday 13th damnation :-).
Sorry for making needless noise here in that group!

I tested this morning my new MRUMemoryStore with JMeter:
- 10 Threads
- Delay 300ms
- URL: http://viper:89/cocoon2freece/welcome
  and http://viper:89/cocoon2freece/welcome-svg

cocoon config:
- filesystem true
- writerthreadinterval 100ms

Following Problem:
The JVM runs out of memory.
When holding an object in the memory and the filesystem flag is
true, the object is temporary pushed on a stack. This stack
is processed asynchron by a backround thread. My idea behing was
to write the objects asychron to the filesystem to improve performance.
But the problem is that the objects are shortly stored double in memory (1st
2nd stack). By many concurrent request I think this causes the out of
memory Exception.

Writing synchron to filesystem its to slow I think.

But I will working on that problem. Meanwhile you can set the filesystem
on false, when you make heavy load tests. Then the store proceed the old


++We are getting NullPointerExceptions in MRUMemmoryStore when under load.
++should not be.  The keys looked up are the XSP logicsheets, and this is
++Exception stacktrace available.

++ERROR   99504   [cocoon  ] (Thread-40): Error in MRUMemoryStore!


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