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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject [C2 Beta2]: Checking the todo list
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2001 13:45:24 GMT

for the upcoming beta2, we should check the todo list. I think
there are some obsolete tasks, but I am not quiet sure about all
of them.
We don't have any actions with priory high (accept the put
descriptions into the configuration files)!

But here are the lower actions:

  <action context="code" assigned-to="GF">
    Extend the Store to keep the most fequently used objects in the
    memory portion available to the Store (defined by number of objects or
    bytes) and all other objects on the file system.

Is this addresses by your latest patch Gerhard?

  <action context="code">
   Check and fix xsl:import which doesn't seem to work expected... very
   it might be an XSLT problem with the XSP example since it uses namespaces
   heavily... should we use the namespace() axis?

Don't know what this is about. Any hints?

  <action context="code">
   Remove deprecated methods from org.apache.cocoon.xml.util and make it
   for SAX2 final.

I think this comes from the early days. Is it still valid?

  <action context="code">
   Finish writing the command line interface and design the link rewriting
   behavior that cannot work with views.

I think this is still valid.

  <action context="code">
   Create a form validation Action that uses an external configuration file
   to validate the form and make sure that values are within acceptable
   IIRC this has beed recently posted to the dev list.

This should be finished, right?

  <action context="code">
   Complete/write documentation in general

This will never be finished....

  <action context="code">
   Implement an internal profiling tool that should indicate the load and
history of
   such along with the status page. Something both useful and fancy to show
   power of C2.

Now that we have the profiling tool, we could change this, too.

Anything left open apart from this?


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