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From Jörn Heid <>
Subject [C2.0b2] Bug in XIncludeTransformer
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2001 08:29:22 GMT
As I do not exactly know if it's a problem of my application (I use the same
xconf but not the /cocoon webapp) I hope I get an answer so I can solve it
or write a bug report. But for me it's quite a huge bug so I would have to
go back to b1 to make it work again (I wrote fixed the XIncludeTransformer
in b1 but now it's incompatible).

The problem is a nullpointer exception in the last line of this:

    protected void processXIncludeElement(String href, String parse) throws
SAXException,MalformedURLException,IOException {
        if (getLogger().isDebugEnabled()) {
            getLogger().debug("Processing XInclude element: href="+href+",
            getLogger().debug("Base URI: " +

The current_xmlbase_uri (btw, not the Java standard for attributes) is null.
It's qzuite funny: If I delete the tmp dir in WEB-INF and start again, it
works. When I hit reload the nullpointer exception occurs. If I hit reload
again, it works again. And so on. So I put a System.out.println(this) into
it and as I thought, there are two instances of the transformer. One is
initialised - the other not.
But the real problem is, if I do not delete the tmp dir and start the server
again, I only get the exception.

So, I think it's a problem of the component or the caching. Sorry, I'm not
as far in C2 to know why.

Please help.


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