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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject [VOTE] RE: request info action
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2001 07:40:59 GMT
> > But I have been wondering a couple of times...
> > Shouldn't there be some common standard parameter
> > available in the substitution map?! Like:
> >
> > - requested uri
> > - servlet context or base-uri
> > - query parameters
> >
> > Or is an action the better and cleaner way to go?
> i'm _all_ for being able to access this data via the substitution map.
> occasionally, i want to be able to use a request parameter in the sitemap
> but i can't. the servlet context would be an easy way to allow users to
> issue context-absolute redirects in the sitemap without having to
> hard-code the current context path.

That's exactly how I feel. The only question is:
Is it good to have this alway available in the substitution map?
(as you said: you want it "occasionally") Or will an action do?

Votes please.

I will add this... one or the other way.

I was also wondering if we shouldn't have {0} as parameter as well.
In "awk" e.g. (as well as other regexpr matchers) this means
the whole string. Would be more consitent... anyway

This is what I propose as substitution parameters:

requestURI     - the requested URI (without parameter) (this will of course make {0} obsolete)
requestQuery   - the query parameter (including the "?") like "?test=bla&something=2"
                 so {requestURI}{requestQuery} will give always give the full URI + parameters
context        - the servlet context (usually "/cocoon")
sitemapContext - the context change from a sitemap to a sub-sitemap (e.g. "sub" for the sub

Please feel free to add some more and
maybe one of you guys have better/shorter ideas for
the parameters?!

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