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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject sub sitemap context dir
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 09:04:25 GMT
I wonder if there is a way of having a sub sitemap
that does not change the context dir.
I need to access files in the parent dir of the
sub sitemap's dir.

Under linux filesystem links could solve the
problem. (Although it is not a very nice sollution)

My first guess was not to change the context dir
by passing an empty src attribute to the mount

  <map:match pattern="sub/**">
    <map:mount uri-prefix="sub" src="" check-reload="yes"/>

But how is the sitemap.xmap found then?

So if this is not possible right now... What about
an explicit context dir parameter for the map:mount?

  <map:match pattern="sub/**">
    <map:mount uri-prefix="sub" src="sub/sitemap.xmap" context="sub/" check-reload="yes"/>

So I could do

  <map:match pattern="sub/**">
    <map:mount uri-prefix="sub" src="sub/sitemap.xmap" context="" check-reload="yes"/>

Is this possible at all?

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