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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject latest xform
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2001 15:57:47 GMT
here is where we are at:

- on the first view the XSP page passes the SAX events
  to a new DOMObject. This holds the instance data of
  the XForm.
- all XForm elements are registerd inside a PostRegistry
  (this circumvents the checkbox problem)
  FIXME: the PostRegistry is declared ThreadSafe. I haven't
  checked that so far..
- the XForm instances are saved inside the session
- the XForm instance data are inserted into the XSP page via XMLFragment interface
- getValue( String XPath ) returns a text node's string representation
  FIXME: right now the XPath must end on /text() since this is the full XPath.
  Should this be changed?
- setValue( String XPath ) set a the value of a text node (see getValue)
  FIXME: same as above and needs to insert a text node if there is none
  already. (happens on immediat close of tags: <firstname/>)
- DOMObject is now an interface AbstractDOMObject is the implementation
- now we have a DOMObjectOutputWrapper that opens
  the door for backend mapping like beans or whatever.
- FIXME: the DOMObject interface has to be extended. Only "setValue" and
  "getValue" cannot handle multiple values of a "selectMany"
- the first (raw) version of the XFormAction is working. Post values
  already find their way back into the instance

I was thinking about the validation constraints issue.. Why is the
validation in the XForm spec bound to the XForm elements and not
to the xform:instance?! Just a thought...

Should we put the validation constrains and the error handling into
another namespace not to break XForm compatibiliy? (And contact the
XForm group...) 

I also need an interface to pass some information to mapped backends.
E.g. we need to be able to tell a bean - process this order now!

Well, anyway to keep you guys up-to-date...
Here are the current files...
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