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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject RE: actions and caching
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2001 12:49:26 GMT
> > I'm wondering how actions influence caching!?
> They don't do directly.
> > Especially if one uses the result of an action
> > in the sitemap. I assume using an action makes
> > the result not cacheable?!
> The caching signature are composed of all the component that are building up the
> pipeline. Each component states on which "names" it depends on (genKey method).
> The validity of a component is determined of the values of those names
> (genValidity method).
> If you can see now Action don't influence the caching behaviour of the pipeline
> components directly. The pipeline components itself must state on what they
> depend to the caching system.

So actions will influence the caching if (and only if)
the result of an action is passed back as parameter
to e.g. a transformer who declares his dependency
on the parameter, right? So

  <map:act type="myaction">
      <map:parameter name="param" value="{fromaction}"/>
  </map:act> the above example the cached object is invalid if
{fromaction} changes because it is used as parameter for
the transformer. If "param" (aka {fromaction}) does not
change the cached object will be delivered, right?

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