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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject RE: [C2]: Proposal for intermediate output stream
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2001 13:06:35 GMT
> Hi,
> I am currently thinking since some weeks of the following enhancement:
> Creating an intermediate output stream for the response and not directly
> writing to the output stream of the servlet engine (or the environment).
> This would solve the following problems:
> 1. The output stream can be reset at any time, making redirections possible
>    at every stage (although I personally don't like this, but there seems
>    to be a great demand for it)
> 2. When the error pipeline is called due to any exception etc, the output
>    stream should be reset as a new error generator starts producing new
>    output. If accidentally something was already written to the output
>    stream, you get a confusing response.
> 3. The special cocoon urls can currently not be used everywhere, e.g.
>    inside a map:redirect-to statement. We could solve this by resetting
>    the intermediate output stream and start on the server a new
>    generation process without returning to the client.
> 4. The content length of each response can be determined. This seems
>    to be important for the pdf generation (see the corresponding thread
>    on the user list).
> The only disadvante I see currently is some loss of performance. 

+0 from me if it's somehow configurable. Even more desirable for
   only parts of the site.

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