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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject RE: latest xform
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2001 13:16:14 GMT
> At 12:38 AM +0200 24/7/01, Torsten Curdt wrote:
> >new stuff for the xform part
> This is looking really interesting Torsten.
> So much so that I'd like to make crudlet work with this ...
> A couple of (naive) questions ......
> Do we have the ability to edit an existing 'object'?
> Let's say I instansiate or retrieve a Bean, have it output itself as a DOM,
> can I use that DOM in this framework to edit the DOM then update the Bean
> from it?

I'm not quite sure if got you... ;)

But it will be possible to have a Bean, EJB or whatever coupled with
the xform instance. This means that changes in the instance or in
the backend will be reflected. (Is this what you were asking?)
So it is not just a read only mapping!

> Can we restrict entry to multipage forms so that you are forced to go in at
> the beginning?

Yes. Should work:

   <map:match pattern="xform.xhtml">
    <map:act type="XFormAction">
      <map:generate type="serverpages" src="docs/samples/xform/xform.xml">
        <map:parameter name="default" value="fillin1"/>
        <map:parameter name="page" value="{page}"/>
    <map:transform src="stylesheets/xform2html.xsl"/>
    <map:serialize type="xml"/>

Well, we could also name the default parameter start. I don't care.
You will end up where the sitemap parameter "page" will be at. This
parameter will be set in the XFormAction that I'm currently working
at. It will consist of three parts:

 * the Populator - POST data into instance
 * the Validator - that will do validation
 * the Selector - that will select the correct page depending on the
   validation result. If we are at the first request it will take
   care of using the default/start page

We need to have some discussions about the validation/constrains
and error definition. I don't think the XForm spec addresses this
topics in a sophisticated way. It would be great to reuse the
existing validation stuff... somehow

I should have a non validating
XForm implementation ready real soon.

> How do we navigate back and forth between multiple form pages?

Since this has nothing to do with XForm we can use something like

  <nav:goto page="fillin2"/>

This can be translated by a stylesheet into a simple
submit button. This only gives the XFormAction the
information which subpage was requested.
This has nothing to do with a XForm submit. It's just
a navigational object.

Although I'm not yet quite sure how to forward the submit
action (action in more abstract - non cocoon term) to the
mapped bean for example. Since this action will process
the order e.g.!

> thanks for any help

Let's get it on :)

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