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From "Bentley, Tim" <>
Subject RE: [C2] Speed problem - transformation process? Resolved
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2001 02:07:25 GMT
This problem seems to have gone away with an update to the latest CVS (July
9th) version.  The XSP processor rejected the page in question (some
<xsp:logic> and <xsp:expr> embedding issues), and after modifying it and
running the app, everything ran fine.

Whether this was something to do with the XSP problems mentioned above
(which for some reason compiled with last week's CVS), or to do with some
other changes - to Xalan, for e.g. - I don't know.


Tim Bentley

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> From: Bentley, Tim 
> Sent: Friday, 6 July 2001 16:30
> To: Cocoon-Users (E-mail); Cocoon Dev List (E-mail)
> Subject: [C2] Speed problem - transformation process?
> Hi -
> I've got a problem with C2 which _seems_ to be to do with XSL
> tranformations.
> I'm running C2.1 dev (last week's build), with Tomcat 3.2.1 on NT (P3
> 500mhz, 256mb RAM, 6gb disk).  I also have C1.8.2 set up on the same
> machine, also running under Tomcat 3.2.1, which I have been using for
> comparison purposes.
> I have been converting a C1 app over to C2, and got 
> everything working the
> other day.  However, it is horribly, horribly slow - requests 
> which were
> taking 50-80 milliseconds under C1 are taking 3-5 seconds.
> I've been able to log timestamps at various points, and have 
> isolated where
> the problem area seems to be - one line in my XSP code (a 
> call to JNDI to
> query an LDAP directory) in a particular page is where most 
> of the delay is
> occurring (around 3-5 secs worth).
> The interesting thing is that the speed problem does not 
> occur at all if the
> page in question is just generated (without doing stylesheet
> transformations).  This seems odd, as I would assume that the 
> generation
> process has to be complete before the stylesheet can be 
> applied, yet it
> appears that when a stylesheet transformation is specified the actual
> generation process for this page slows down as well - I can 
> see this from my
> log lines showing the timestamp at key points.  The stylesheet is not
> particularly complex, and under Cocoon 1.8.2 the whole thing 
> was pretty
> quick.  In C2 you can see the machine slow down while the 
> page is being
> processed - the JVM is maxing out the processor.  
> Does anyone have any clues as to what could be causing this?  
> I did wonder
> whether it could be something to do with caching - I am 
> trying to cache both
> the XSP page and the stylesheet.  From the log entries I 
> think both are
> being cached.  I assume now though that is is a problem either with my
> configuration or in some bizarre way with my XSP and/or XSL, 
> but I'm at a
> bit of a loss to know what it could be.  It's also a bit of a 
> blow to find
> that something which worked perfectly in C1 has problems in C2.
> Regards,
> Tim Bentley
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