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Subject RE: [C2] sitemap editor
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2001 13:30:50 GMT
About the colors: to be honest, I like them. When you're wondering to which
pipeline or matcher something belongs, it is much easier to follow a
specific colored trail than a black-and-white thing. It also seems be
concepted that way: the more important elements (important for human
orientation in the sitemap) have much brighter colors than the
not-so-important elements.

But hey, maybe this can also be made configurable ;)

-----Original Message-----
From: Piroumian, Konstantin []
Sent: donderdag 5 juli 2001 15:18
Subject: Re: [C2] sitemap editor

> Hi cocoon dudes,
> I've been busy lately writing a program which ended up being usefull as a
> sitemap editor.
> It shows the sitemap-structure in a very flashy and colorfull kind of tree
> widget, complete with drag-and-drop, unlimited undo, etc.
> It can be downloaded from:
> (webhosting kindly provided by Steven Noels, it runs on - of course -
> Cocoon2)
> Looking forward to your feedback,

Great work! I was expecting something like that someday.
Just a few comments and suggestions:
     - in my opinion, the tree view is too colored, although every color has
its meaning. Maybe in future it would be better to use some icons to show
the type of the node?
    - (I'm sure that you've think of it) As I can see, none of the
components can be configured visualy.
    - I'd be good also to have a possibility to switch to the source and
edit it manualy.

And a minor bug: if there is no items (in my case Resources and Views) then
an Exception is thrown in consol. Stack trace:
ERROR: could not get root element for the xml content editor:
        at javax.swing.JComponent.paint(

> Bruno Dumon

Anyway, thank you for your work! It definitely will make grow the number of
Cocoon users.

    Konstantin Piroumian.

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